Desroches Island is in the Amirantes Archipelago about 230 km south-west of Mahé, the main and largest island of the Seychelles. There are daily scheduled flights with IDC Aviation (40 minutes).

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Abundent with coconut trees, Desroches Island is approximately 6 km long, 1.5 km wide and boasts 14 km of immaculate white soft sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. This exclusive island is one of the most beautiful in the Indian Ocean, arguably the world. 

Located only 5° south of the equator Desroches Island is blessed with one of the world’s healthiest, malaria free climates. Desroches Island is 11 hrs from London, 9 hrs from Paris, 8 hrs from Italy (subject to EU flight availability), 5 hrs from Johannesburg or Doha, Qatar and 4 hrs from Dubai. The time difference is GMT 4 hours.



  • Indian Oceans Amirantes Archipelago
  • Linked to Core Infrastructure of Mahe
  • 230 km from Mahe Seychelles
  • Isolated & Removed from the World
  • A Hidden Paradise
  • Outside the Cyclone Belt
  • 5° South of Equator
  • At the Centre of a Coral Atoll
  • Protected by Coral Reef
  • Adjoined by a Number of Uninhabited Islands